Overview of Group

Xpertek is a leading provider of diverse software solutions focused on the financial industry. Our international footprint extends to more than 18 countries worldwide.

 From its inception in 2003, our business has evolved to meet the business community’s need for specialised loan, rental and leasing, and payment processing solutions to manage and address operational challenges for lending companies and financial institutions. 

Our vision has always been to to nurture close partnerships with our clients so that we are able to deliver customised solutions to enhance the efficiency, productivity and growth of their business. Not only do we have vast business knowledge, our team’s technical expertise will ensure the most appropriate architecture for the solutions we implement.

Xpertek loan management system easily manages Asset Finance deals, Vehicle and Home Loans, Instalment Finance Deals, Secured Loans, Secondary Rentals, Disclosed and Undisclosed Discounted Deals, Revolving Credit and Leased or Rented Office Equipment.

SFI eVolve Payment hub is used in multiple banks across Africa and the Caribbean to process payments seamlessly, whether via EFT or bulk payment files. 

Xpertek Group