Key Personnel

Xpertek Ray Leonard
Group Chief Executive Officer

Ray Leonard 

As a Chartered Management Accountant and Chartered Secretary, Ray has had a varied career. Including five years in the industry and 20 years at the general manager level at a major South African bank.

He has held directorships of listed companies on three continents. After heading up a major technology group for some years,  he spearheaded an MBO of several businesses. This then formed the present Xpertek.

Ray is a specialist in systems and processes, and passionate about technology. He often enjoys the golf course’s and fresh air!

He is a member of Institute of Chartered Management Accountants, Institute of Corporate Governors and Institute of Corporate Global Management Accountants.

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Yola Xpertek
Group HR and Finance

Yola Bastiman 

Yola has over 20 years of experience in various payroll, HR, and finance roles. She has focused her career in the IT sector.

Her journey with Xpertek started in 2005. She is closely involved with the many changes implemented to make the company into the successful enterprise it is today.

Yola is married with two daughters, two grandchildren. Her favourite pastime is sharing wine and good food with friends.

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