Artificial Intelligence (AI) is not what you may think it is. If you have to look back to movies from the ’70s or ’80s, we should have flying cars by now. 

AI is the branch of computer science that deals with the simulation of intelligent behaviour in computers. Essentially, we give the computer some information, and they keep improving on it to mimic human behaviour. 

The History of AI

AI has been around since the 1950s, but as computers were not as advanced yet, it took us to the 1970s for AI to get started. 

We make use of AI in our every-day lives, without us even knowing it. Think of when you are driving using Google Maps or Waze to navigate your way to a destination. AI is recommending your best route based on traffic, toll gates, and even police roadblocks. 

AI is in robotics, the medical field to detect cancer cells, and even in artwork. We are most interested in today, making our lives far more comfortable. With autonomous cars, cell phone technology linked to our wellbeing and healthcare, and of course, in the workplace.

When we adopt the technology that already exists to streamline our workplace processes. We can improve on time of delivery, easier reporting, the accuracy of data, more accurate calculations, and, thankfully, fewer spreadsheets to populate. 

About Xpertek

Xpertek is a fintech company with over a decade’s worth of experience and development behind their products. These are specifically designed to make your life easier. 

Their a loan management system that can streamline your loans repayments regarding asset finance, home or vehicle loans, rental or leasing of equipment, instalment finance deals, and secured loans. 

Just imagine the time you can save in manually calculating each client’s interest and payments each month. By having it all automated, you can even have variable interest rates and deals per client. The client’s initial onboarding is all you need to add to your agreed contract, and then you can leave the rest to Xpertek. The improvement in efficiencies, accuracy and time is extremely valuable.

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